About Us

De-Aesthetic is a ready-to-wear women clothing company founded by Diondra Douglas in 2019. The brand looks to provide women with fun, sexy, vibrant pieces that leave them feeling bold, beautiful, and ready to turn heads at every occasion.

Diondra grew up watching RnB & Hip-Hop music videos, where the leading ladies wore sexy, exaggerated outfits that left nearly every woman (and man) in awe. Taking inspiration from the likes of Lil Kim and Foxy Brown (yes, you know the videos we’re talking about),Diondra wanted to recreate her favorite looks with her own creative twist. She’s always loved fashion and the ability to bring her creative ideas to life. When she bought her first sewing machine in 2016.

De-Aesthetics' collection is custom pieces all handmade, no one piece is the same. Items are sexy, figure-hugging, and designed to accentuate curves and show off your best assets. What makes De-Aesthetic so unique is that each item is made to fit the individual perfectly. Every woman deserves to feel sexy and look sensational. As women, we all have different body shapes and sizes, by creating custom pieces, we guarantee each piece will fit your figure flawlessly.

At the core of De-Aesthetic is making women feel confident and beautiful. Our collection is made using high-quality materials and handled with extreme care. In a world where fast fashion is booming, De-Aesthetic looks to provide women with pieces that maintain quality and can be worn time and time again.

When you order from De-Aesthetic, you order with confidence, knowing that the items will complement your shape and also last longer than a couple of washes. You never have to worry about if an item will suit you or look as good on you as it does on the model, with De-Aesthetic, it’s guaranteed. You will always look fabulous!

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